Trade Up for Mental Health


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I really wanted to find some way to contribute. From personally struggling with panic attacks to losing a close friend and roommate only a few months ago due to mental health, it is important to me to find some way to contribute. Which lead me to this. Please watch the video above for all details!

Currently Available for Trades


1x Jungle Booster Pack

1x Japanese Jungle Victreebell

6x Battle Styles Booster Packs

1x Japanese Jet Black Poltergeist Booster Pack

1x Secret Rare Energy

Trades Complete

Trainer Card Traded Traded For

Logan Connor

Amazing Rare Celebi

Full Art Skyla

Michael Stawiarski

Full Art Skyla

Shiny Lapras VMax, Shiny Ditto VMax, Eternatus VMax.

Zach Leadingham

Shiny Lapras VMax, Shiny Ditto VMax, Eternatus VMax.

CGC 8.5 Graded Holo Dark Machamp

Robbie Keen

CGC 8.5 Graded Holo Dark Machamp

Shiny VMax Charizard from Shining Fates

Casey Cass


6 Battle Styles Booster Packs, Japanese Jet Black jet black Poltergeist Booster Pack, and a secret rare energy.

Ethan Johnston


Japanese Jungle Victreebell

Matt Hager

Shiny VMax Charizard from Shining Fates

Jungle Booster Pack

Available for Future Trades

Names of the trainers have been withheld to keep others from negatively interfering.

Trainer Alias Willing to Trade Interests


Legendary Collection Charizard, Neo Discovery Tyranitar, Neo Genesis Steelix.

Eeveelutions, Celebi, and evolutions of Gengar, Scizor, Alakazom, Houndoom, Feraligatr, and Ampharos.


Shiny Champions Path Charizard, Rainbow Pikachu, SV Espeon, Alternate Art Tyranitar, Charizard Vmax, Rainbow Charizard, and SV Mewtow.



Neo Genesis Booster Box (Sealed)

As close to $20k in product as possible.


ALL SEALED BOOSTER BOXES: 3x Neo Revelation, 3x Legendary Collection, 4x Base Set 2, 1st Edition Jungle, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, 2x Expedition, Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge, Neo Discovery, and 2x Base Set

Neo Genesis Booster Box? But also very flexible.


Lots of Inventory. Sealed product of most sets.

Very flexible.


If you wish to contribute, trade, or donate to this mission, please contact me by reaching out to me on Instagram: @GerdesOfEarth. Or if Instagram does not work, please email me at:

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